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Signs You Might Have a Company Culture Problem — And How to Fix Them

Signs you have a company culture problem

When is the last time you gave your company culture a checkup? The culture of your organization shapes the experience of everyone in it, so the last thing you want is for a problem to take root and start growing without you noticing. But too often companies will leave their culture to develop on its own. And that opens the ...

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How to Recreate Water-Cooler Chat for Virtual Team Building

virtual water-cooler chat

Water-cooler chat: A brief, marvelous moment in the workday when employees share office buzz and tales from the weekend outside of their cubicles—and a must-have for virtual team building. Bonding, constructive criticism, knowledge sharing and innovation are the fruits of such spontaneous communication. But when your workers’ only interactions are online or on the phone, how do you capture the ...

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3 Reasons Why SaaS is King

3 Reasons Why SaaS is King

Instead of having to buy, build and maintain costly technology infrastructure, companies are increasingly turning to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models of software. SaaS solutions, such as PGi’s iMeet portfolio of UC&C products, offer companies instant access to cloud-based tools that are available anywhere on any device. They are much easier to test and deploy and can significantly lower the burdens on ...

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The 5 Dysfunctions of Team Collaboration

The % Dysfunctions of Team Collab

There is no question that working within a group has its difficulties, and in many cases people might opt to accomplish tasks on their own in order to avoid any inconvenience. However, collaboration is essential for creative success, and being a part of a team is fundamentally inescapable as life is all about learning to work within various groups. Whether you’re ...

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Nine Stats About Global Shifts in Telework Trends

Telework Trends

Thanks to continuing trends in technology, businesses are adapting their practices to support the idea of remote work, flex work and telework. Whether it’s to achieve a better work/life balance, to skip a hectic commute or to spend more time with family, knowledge workers all over the world are increasingly wanting the ability to telecommute at least part time. Earlier ...

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What’s the Best Virtual Team Building Activity You Can Do?

virtual team building activities

Virtual happy hours, remote office tours, online show-and-tell—everyone loves to get creative with virtual team building activities to bond and play from afar. So what’s the best virtual team building activity you can do? Create a plan for better communication. Sure, it’s not as exciting as beating your boss in a video game or as funny as your icebreakers, but ...

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PGi’s New Survey Reveals the Latest Global Telework Stats

2015 Global Telework Stats

Flexible work is on the rise all over the globe. Knowledge workers the world over are increasingly wanting—if not demanding—the ability to telecommute at least part-time. Whether it’s to skip a brutal commute, improve work-life balance or simply work with less distractions, telework isn’t a nice-to-have anymore; it’s increasingly a must-have. As the world’s largest dedicated provider of collaboration software ...

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How to Stop Dreading Your Sundays

dreading sundays

Do you find yourself dreading your Sunday, knowing that your weekend is quickly drawing to a close and yet another workweek is about to rear its ugly head? I know I’ve fallen into that mid-Sunday-afternoon malaise, as the fun-filled frivolity of Friday and Saturday gives way to thoughts of data-filled spreadsheets and encroaching deadlines. Central Desktop’s Adam McKibbin explored this ...

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How to Get More Out of Your Workday

how to get more out of your workday

Recently, I have come to the conclusion that there are very few things worse than fighting a losing battle against your own eyelids. This can be especially frustrating while trying to get things done at the office. Getting a good night’ s rest is a solid start, but here are five additional healthy habits that will help propel you forward into a more ...

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10 Rules of Social Sales

10 Rules of Social Sales Cover

Blazing a trail, forging a new path and breaking ground on new ways to sell on social media all sounds very exciting, but don’t you wish you had some wisdom and guidelines to help you take the first steps? Now you do. Here’s what the speakers of PGi’s recent webinar, Join the Sales Revolution!, said are the new rules of ...

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Putting iMeet Agenday to Work: Announcing iMeet Agenday for Enterprise

iMeet Agenday for Enterprise

When we first released iMeet Agenday, our award-winning smart calendar app, we knew we had something special on our hands. It was an immediate hit internally at PGi, and since its release tens of thousands of individuals have turned to Agenday to manage their multiple hectic calendars, join their meetings with a single touch and stay productive while on the go. ...

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Call Center Week Recognizes PGi Customer Care

2015 Call Center Week Excellence Awards

The world-class customer care that helps make PGi’s collaboration solutions the best in the industry recently earned another acknowledgement for implementing industry best practices. Yesterday, PGi beat out three other finalists for the Excellence Award for Best Contact Center Culture at the 2015 Call Center Week Excellence Awards in Las Vegas. The award recognizes PGi’s innovative initiatives to make customer care a priority and ...

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Webinar Recap: Join the Social Sales Revolution

Webinar Join the Social Sales Revolution

Last week experts from LinkedIn, Oracle Social Cloud, Central Desktop, Skyword and PGi revealed their best tips on social selling in the webinar, Join the Sales Revolution. Social selling has become more than just a buzzword—it’s become a strategy that brings marketing and sales professionals together to create and nurture more authentic relationships with customers and prospects. The esteemed panel ...

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Every Organization’s Common Ground

Every organization's common ground.

We all get consumed by thoughts of our competition: What is X Company doing better than us? Is X Company too big for us to compete with? What does X Company know that we don’t? Don’t get me wrong, competitive intelligence is a key business competency. However, I’m here with some good news for you: every organization has a common ...

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The Best Way to Collaborate for Sales and Marketing Alignment

sales and marketing collaboration

We believe that better collaboration leads to better results at PGi. So during PGi’s recent sales and marketing alignment webinar, I asked the audience, “What is the primary means for collaborating between your sales and marketing organization?” About 59 percent of webinar attendees said their sales and marketing teams relied on web conferencing, audio conferencing or video conferencing to collaborate. ...

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