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5 Ways to Manage Daily Stress

stress management

At times, the daily grind pushes us to our limits. The pressure to succeed at work, maintain healthy relationships and simultaneously preserve our health feels unbearable. This feeling of helplessness is far more common than one may think. In fact, according to the 2015 Stress in America ™ survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, nearly two-thirds of adults in ...

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3 Things You Should Never Do on a Conference Call

conference call

We’ve all had to endure a bad conference call. From the unprepared attendee to late callers and those who forget about the mute button, conference calls can easily be derailed with the slightest interruption. At PGi, audio conferencing is core to our portfolio, so we understand how frustrating a bad conference call can be. But even if you have the ...

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Guest Post: PGi iMeetLive Runs the Analyst’s Gauntlet


As a UCC analyst, I am exposed to numerous types of collaboration tools from which I host and join remote, multiparty meetings. Recently, I had the opportunity for a deep dive and demo of the host experience on PGi iMeetLive webinar/webcast platform and to participate as an attendee in a live session event. Given my experience with many such solutions ...

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Checklist: What to Look for in Your UC&C Partner

UCC Carrier Checklist

Telco Carriers are not only challenged by declining unit revenues, but are also face growing threats from changing patterns in communication and non-traditional competitors. And in order to guard against the onslaught of an all-out competitive bedlam, Carriers need a clear vision when taking the playing field. According to Salesforce research, 86 percent of executives cite a lack of collaboration ...

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9 Productivity Tips to Pull You Out of Your Summer Daze

productivity tips

As days get longer and temperatures get hotter, it’s easy to lose focus on the job. Whether you’re daydreaming of being on the beach or simply slipping into a heat-induced summer daze, it’s easy to fall prey to lazy habits and inefficiency in the office during the summer months. That dreaded lazy summer daze can be combated with the right ...

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Dos and Don’ts of Managing a Remote Team

managing a remote team

Working remotely has become an increasingly popular option for employees from all different industries, but the rise of telecommuters and field workers poses unique challenges for in-office management. An engaged and productive field team can be the factor that differentiates a business from its competitors, but only if that team is engaged and productive while on the job. No matter ...

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3 Ways to Build an Effective Collaborative Team

collaborative team

As technology improves and facilitates collaboration amongst people located across the globe, the need for expedited teambuilding skills becomes crucial, especially when it comes to carrying out large projects. Teams are frequently assembled in the blink of an eye, as diverse individuals with varying ranges of experience and expertise are brought together to work as one. Diverse teams create more ...

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9 More Productivity Tips for a Super Successful Summer

productivity tips

As the temperature continues to climb to scorching new heights and the lethargy sets in from the summer heat, you might not be working to your full potential. With just a few tweaks to your work strategy, though, you can churn away at full efficiency and make the most of  your time so you have ample opportunity to enjoy your summer. ...

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4 Recruiting Tips from Top Remote Companies


No doubt about it: the success of a company ultimately comes down to its workforce. After all, when you have a united, happy, productive team whose members feel valued and respected and whose talents are utilized, the company has the potential to reach new heights each and every day. But when your company is a remote one, you have to ...

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Video Conferencing Buyer’s Guide

The demands of business, coupled with the capabilities of contemporary technology, have created a work environment where colleagues are frequently dispersed across various locations. Video conferencing is a crucial asset for every business, from the smallest startup to the biggest corporate giant. An effective video conferencing solution is key to corporate collaboration, but how can businesses guarantee that their video ...

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9 More Productivity Tips to Get the Most out of Your Summer Hours

Summer Hours Tips

There’s a simple formula we would like you to take note of: Productivity + Efficiency = More work done faster. And when that equation is used, it means you’re able to get back to enjoying your summer time hours faster. To help you use that equation to its full potential, we’ll be bringing you some productivity tips each week. Each ...

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“Two Sides of the Telecommuting Coin”: A Telecommuting Checklist for Remote Workers and Their Managers

telecommuting checklist

As the popularity of remote work continues to trend upwards, the particular trials and tribulations of the telecommuter become more defined. But the spotlight is often placed on the plight of the remote worker, which fails to examine the other side of the telecommuting equation. PGi’s Two Sides of the Telecommuting Coin: Remote Work Tips for Teleworkers and Their Managers is ...

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7 Home Office Essentials You Can’t Live Without

home office essentials

When it comes to working from home, your environment can have a marked effect on your ability to be productive. The good news is that you don’t have to be a feng shui master to create a home office that you love. With just a few simple tweaks and some strategic home office shopping, you can create a home office ...

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Summer Hours: 9 Productivity Tips to Get You Out of the Office and Into the Sun

productivity tips

This summer at PGi, our main goal is to figure out how to help you increase your productivity so you can put more free time back into your work week to do the things you enjoy. If you’re ready to get out of the office and outside to enjoy the beautiful summer weather, check out our newest tips in our Summer ...

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6 Things to Remember When Running Virtual Meetings

virtual meetings

When you lead a team that is either partially or wholly comprised of remote workers, virtual meetings are the most important way to stay connected so your team can function in harmony. Online meetings can be a tough nut to crack, though, so for the benefit of your team, it’s important to keep in mind these 6 things to remember ...

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