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10 Ways You Feel when You #TakeBack60


When you #TakeBack60 during your work week, there’s probably some intense emotions you’re feeling. But most of all you’re probably really, really happy and excited with all the time you’ve regained to do the things YOU want! 1. Maybe you feel like this: via GIPHY 2. Or like this: via GIPHY 3. You probably feel like this if you’re using ...

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Collabosphere 2015: Meet the Speakers


PGi is pleased to bring Collabosphere, the ultimate collaboration conference, to Austin’s PGi Studios on September 28-29. Entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, professors, analysts and productivity experts will unite to discuss the future of collaboration and dissect the biggest obstacles keeping businesses from reaching their full potential. Here’s a look at just a few of the 25+ speakers who will be taking ...

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Slideshare: #TakeBack60: The Demise of the Work Week


Feel like you’re working way too much? Not getting enough time to do the things you want to do? Skipping out on lunch with your coworkers just to keep up with your work load? You’re not alone. PGi surveyed over 500 American workers to get some insight on their workweeks, and what we found was eye opening. For example, 32.5% ...

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Poll: What Would You Rather Do? Kick the Work Week Grind and Take Back 60

TakeBack60 Overworked

In this year’s #TakeBack60 survey, we learned that 87% of workers are clocking more than 40 hours in the typical work week. And we learned that 71% of you are pretty ticked off about it. So, let me ask you this: If you could reclaim 60 minutes of time each work week and do something you actually WANT to do, ...

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The Demise of the Work Week | Is 50+ Hours the New Normal?

PGI Work Week TakeBack60 Survey

The buzz around the Internet watercooler these days is the four-day work week, a new offering from modern businesses trying to attract top talent and claim “best place to work” swagger. A new survey from PGi reveals that regardless of how many days a company instills as the standard, 87% of knowledge workers admit to working beyond the 40-hour norm. ...

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5 Creative Ways to Get Your Team on Time to Meetings

team incentives

You’ve eliminated downloads, dial-in numbers and passcodes. You’ve sent free/busy polls to find the best time to meet. You’ve given your team mobile meeting apps with calendar alerts and push notifications. Still, your team arrives late to online meetings, and you’ve heard all the worst late-for-meeting excuses. Once you have all the right technology in place, and workers are still ...

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10 Best Apps for Virtual Team Building

10 Best Apps for Virtual Team Building Cover

Do you know what your teammates’ watched on TV last night? Do you know who prefers to talk on the phone and who prefers instant messaging? Do you know who the early risers and night owls are? If you answered no, it’s time to get to know your remote co-workers a little better. Here are 10 of the most fun ...

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6 Predictions on the Future of IT From PGi at Gartner Catalyst

The Future of IT

Collaboration has been a powerful force behind the evolution of IT. What was once a siloed, rigid organization, is now an interdependent, responsive team thanks to collaboration-centric strategies like agility and scrum processes. Instead of reacting slowly to change, IT now plans room for it far in advance and remains flexible enough to respond in real time. Instead of waiting for lengthy analysis and ...

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Join the Collaboration Revolution With PGi at Cloud Partners

Cloud Partners

PGi invites partners to join our collaboration revolution at the annual Cloud Partners event in Boston, Sept. 16-18, from Channel Partners. Today, cloud-based collaboration solutions are driving industry trends and shaping customer expectations. If you’re ready to break into the cloud collaboration space or to take your cloud business to the next level, join PGi at this event to solve ...

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Murphy’s Law of Working from Home

Murphys Law of WFH

Remember the old adage that states “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”, also known as Murphy’s Law? Well, that epigram holds very true for those of us who are remote workers. From Wi-Fi outages to the inevitable snack attack, something is bound to go wrong when working from home. As providers of software powering the WFH revolution, we ...

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iMeet Agenday Takes Home the Design Gold!

Gold award - email

The hits keep coming! Hot on the heels of iMeet Agenday’s win for Best Wearable App in this year’s Appy Awards, PGi’s Innovation Lab team has earned another accolade. At the Asia [app] Design Awards, iMeet Agenday was awarded Gold in the “Business Tools” category! What are the Asia [app] Design Awards, you ask? According to design100, who hosts the ...

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Using Science to Avoid the Midday Slump

Avoid the midday slump

If you’re like me, about an hour after lunch, you really start to struggle with staying energized and productive. It’s like trudging through mud uphill in a thunderstorm to reach the end of the day. …alright, maybe that was an exaggeration, but there’s actually a science behind why we hit the midday slump. A little thing called your circadian rhythm ...

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Who owns innovation?

No one owns innovation

Everyone’s talking about innovation. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling or who you’re selling it to, every company wants to be perceived as the innovator in their space. And the tech media is always heralding a new innovative idol, the next visionary that will change the very landscape of their respective industry. All of this focus on the lone-wolf tech ...

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How to Use MQL Metrics for Sales and Marketing Alignment

marketing qualified leads

As a follow-up to our recent webinar, Ask the Experts with SiriusDecisions: 4 Pillars of Building Sales & Marketing Alignment, I’ve been answering our webinar viewers’ questions in greater detail here on The Future of Business Collaboration. Here’s a final viewer question I’ll look at today: How do you prevent sales and marketing from going in different directions? I’ll reveal ...

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5 Reasons You’re Meeting at the Worst Time

Worst Times to Meet

Between workers on the go and virtual teams miles apart, finding time to meet is harder than ever. Here are five reasons your in-office and online meetings have the worst timing. 5 Reasons You’re Meeting at the Worst Time from PGi You’re meeting at the beginning or end of the day. 9 a.m. meetings are just asking for latecomers, and at 4 p.m. workers ...

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