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Ditch Best Practices for Best-for-You Practices

best practices

In my experience as an entrepreneur, business owner and CEO, I’ve found that business leaders tend to be passionate people. The concerns of our work keep us up at night. For me, I’m always on the lookout for the “boogie man,” the unforeseen disruptive technology that’s coming to steal our business away. Or are we creating our own boogie men ... Read More »

Clean Your Office and Boost Productivity

boost producitivy

Have you started your spring cleaning yet? While most of us break out the dust rags and mops to clean our homes, sometimes we forget about cleaning the place where we spend most of our time—our work desks.  It doesn’t matter if you work from home or an office building, it’s important to have a clean, organized space. A cluttered ... Read More »

When Are You Most Productive

productivity time

Are you a morning person or do you find yourself hitting the snooze button over and over again?  Some people find it much easier to focus during the early morning hours, while others prefer getting their work done later in the day. As individuals, we all have different work habits and personal preferences. Discovering when you’re the most productive can ... Read More »

15 Stats on Telecommuting & the Cloud

virtual meetings

Telecommuting is a growing trend among the workforce. For most of us, getting to and from the office can be a nightmare. Traffic, distracted drivers and inclement weather can make the commute seem impossible at times. Once we arrive at the office, it’s time to fight off the various distractions. Chatty colleagues and conference calls on speaker are just a ... Read More »

What Are Some Ideas for Running Productive Online Meetings?

imeet meetings

With a forecasted 1.3 billion mobile workers worldwide by 2015, online meetings are simply becoming a way of life for businesses of all sizes across the globe. Telework, remote work and flexible working arrangements are slowly becoming the rule rather than the exception, which means that more of us are having meetings online in at least some capacity. There are ... Read More »

Are You Productive When Working Remotely?


According to PGi’s latest survey and infographic, 80% of businesses are now offering employees the option to telecommute. With remote work continuing to grow as a workplace trend, there’s one very important question we need to ask ourselves: are we actually productive while working remotely? While most people dream of being able to work from home, it’s not for everyone; ... Read More »

10 Productivity Hacks for Spring Cleaning Your Work-Life

10 Productivity Hacks for Spring

It’s spring cleaning season for your work-life! Tidy up that desk, clean out your inbox, organize your to-do list and use this slideshow with PGi’s top 10 productivity hacks. Your work-life balance will be aligned with just a few tweaks, boosting your productivity at work and your happiness at home (even if you work at home!). 10 Productivity Hacks for ... Read More »

Tips for a Better Work-Health Balance


We’re a little over four months into the New Year. How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? Are you still hanging in there or have you completely given up and gone back to your old ways? Earlier this year, we released the New Year’s Resolution Guide to Healthier Work. It can be difficult to get much of anything ... Read More »

How Mobile & Social Are Driving The Virtual Workplace

mobile virtual meetings

Businesses across the globe are increasingly moving towards a more virtual workplace. With the number of worldwide mobile workers forecast to reach 1.3 billion by 2015, businesses have to adapt their technology offerings to meet the needs of the new virtual worker. Two technology trends have impacted the creation of the virtual workplace more than any other: social technologies, such ... Read More »

Out of Office Checklist


Spring has finally sprung. With warmer temperatures on their way, schools are closing for spring break and families are beginning to plan their summer getaways. Crazy work schedules and endless responsibilities can make leaving for vacation a bit nerve-wracking. Wondering if you forgot about important deadlines or meetings can be enough to stress you out and ruin your vacation. This ... Read More »