Social Sales: How to Get LinkedIn and Put a Face(book) to Your Name

Social sales is no longer a trending phrase. Recent news regarding social media companies proves that buyers are increasingly networking, learning and engaging online, and the key to instantly connecting with online buyers to build long-lasting relationships is video conferencing.

Why You Need to Pay Attention to Social Sales

LinkedIn beat expectations in its first earnings as a public company when it showed a profit. LinkedIn sharing buttons now appear on more than 100,000 websites. This likely explains why the social business site sends more traffic to TechCrunch than Twitter‚ what has been considered the leading community for B2B sharing.

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Meanwhile, Twitter just reported another significant funding round from DST Global, and Facebook is going gangbusters to remain the social-selling platform of choice.

Why is all of this important for sales people?

It shows buyer-seller conversations are increasingly moving online. Reps who can connect with prospects and establish conversations via social media will lay the groundwork for long-lasting personal relationships.

Up Your Social Selling Game With Video Conferencing

While it’s easiest to build relationships in face-to-face conversations, the realities of today’s business environment can’t be ignored. In-person sales calls are time-consuming, costly and often resisted by customers. Even when prospects accept face-to-face meetings, you can be sure they didn’t sit around thinking about you and your company for very long once you left their office.

Video conferencing tools are the next best thing to in-person meetings, possibly even better, because you can socially connect in-real time as you interact. Follow up can even start mid-conversation so you don’t lose the momentum of a developing relationship.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Instantly access information on your prospects’ hobbies and interests, so you know where to establish common ground.
  • See at a glance where your prospects have worked in the past.
  • Know what they’ve liked recently, from news articles to where they ate dinner last night.
  • Friend your prospects on Facebook and follow them on Twitter while you’re talking.
  • See their pictures and share videos.

With this information, you can tailor your conversations better around your prospects’ interests and needs to develop better relationships. You’ll be able to communicate your message in a way that’s most likely to be received. And you can friend, follow and connect on all social media sites, so you’ll carry the momentum of your conversations forward after the meetings are over.

Once you’re connected with prospects online, you have access to their professional networks, and there’s almost nothing better for sales than a warm lead. Video conferencing tools make warm leads that much easier to come by, especially once your prospects have converted into customers:

“Hey Sean, I’m working with Lea over at PGi right now, and she mentioned you’ve been having difficulty getting prospects to commit to a first meeting since your company shifted to an inside sales model. Time to chat this afternoon? I’ll be in my iMeet room between 4 and 5 p.m. Feel free to jump in!”

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Thanks to Nicholas Carlson, Kevin Eikenberry, Kevin Knebl, Howard Olsen and Erick Schonfeld for information used in this post.

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