Intelisys Focuses on the “People Side of Business” With PGi’s GlobalMeet and iMeet Partnership

Dana Topping is co-owner of telecommunications giant Intelisys. Intelisys is the world’s leading Master Agency, assisting top-earning telecom agents run their businesses smoother with voice and data, cloud, cable, collaboration services, wired and wireless access, and virtual conferencing technology companies.

I know it’s been said before, but people really do buy from people. As the world shrinks and businesses go global, more and more often we’re missing the “people” side of business. My company, Intelisys, is in the relationship business, forging partnerships within the telecommunications industry to enable our independent agents to succeed in the marketplace. Without relationships, we would never make it in this competitive environment. That’s why we’ve partnered with PGi and why 100 Intelisys agents and 45 employees will have their own personal iMeet video meeting rooms online.

Our relationship with PGi began years ago, when the telecommunications landscape was very different than it is today. Together, we have nurtured innovation in the industry with exciting technological progressions, from operator-attended to automated audio conferencing and from TDM to VoIP. We’ve seen the game-changing transition from audio conferencing to richer, more robust online meetings. Together, we’ve made communications more personal, accessible and affordable for every business. And now, PGi and Intelisys are partnering toward a new era, with video meetings center stage.

PGi’s cutting edge virtual meeting solutions, iMeet and GlobalMeet, evoke a tech-forward, yet personalized approach, first for our agents and our support staff, and continuing with a smooth transition to customer care and even carrier support if needed. In our industry, there is a whole ecosystem of people dependent on each other for success. It is vital that customers, vendors, agents and back-office support meet together at a moment’s notice. iMeet helps everyone, from the mom-and-pop shops in Mississippi to global giants in New York, connect quickly, personally and simply right from their desktop or mobile device.

By integrating the audio and web solutions from Intelisys and PGi, iMeet and GlobalMeet hosts and guests have a state-of-the-art experience, where face-to-face relationship building is the central focus. And as we all have experienced, when customers (or even family members) decide they need our attention immediately, meeting face-to-face virtually is an easy way to make them happy and get business done faster.

Whether we’re using iMeet to collaborate in video with up to 15 people, or GlobalMeet to meet with up to 150 people at once with vivid screen sharing, PGi and Intelisys make meaningful connections possible. Together, we are helping even the smallest businesses have a global presence, as iMeet transports you anywhere you need to be. And that’s why our entire staff will have iMeet virtual office addresses on their business cards. We’re forging the future of telecommunications and, more importantly, building relationships for success.

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