Tale of a Road Warrior: Ray Vasquez Leads the Charge as PGi Expands into Latin America

For the past 14 months, PGi Senior Account Executive Raymond Vasquez has been the quintessential road warrior. He’s racked up 200,000-plus frequent flyer miles, lives in hotels and works in coffee shops. And during his quest to expand PGi’s global footprint to Central and South America, Ray is covering serious ground — and having the time of his life. A couple weeks ago, I had the chance to capture Ray’s first-person account and share his unique insights into global expansion, telecommuting across continents and finding a touch of home in any country. As Ray would say, “Espero que goste! I hope you enjoy it!”

Ray Vasquez, PGi Digital Nomad

PGi’s Ray Vasquez in Sao Paolo, Brazil

Fourteen months ago, I began the exciting task of expanding PGi’s market presence into Latin America — a monumental feat I was doggedly determined to achieve. PGi, a global leader in virtual meetings, was finally ready to expand into Latin America after successfully integrating into the European and Asia Pacific regions. And now, after 14 months of traveling all over the region, I am thrilled to say that we’ve finally moved in. PGi, welcome to Brazil.

Vila Olimpia, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Located in the Zona Sur of Sao Paolo, Vila Olimpia reminds me of the “Silicon Valley” of Brazil — home to many high tech companies and now PGi, the global experts in virtual meetings. After 14 months of traveling between key Latin American cities and my house in California, moving into the new PGi Brazil office feels like I’m finally putting down roots in this thriving metropolis.

Over the past year, I’ve been wearing a lot of hats trying to get Latin America going for PGi. It’s all about understanding how to best serve the Latin American cultural market and build real relationships with our partners and customers. And over the past months, I’ve had the time of my life learning Portuguese, eating the most incredible food and demonstrating our commitment to our partners and customers. And after all this time spent swooping in and out of cities, I am relieved and excited to settle down in Brazil — professionally and personally.

Balancing work and life on the road

When I got the call to be the PGi pioneer in Latin America, I was elated. Who doesn’t want to travel to the most beautiful cities in the world and experience vibrant cultures, picturesque scenery and sun-baked beaches? And spreading the PGi message to a brand new market was a challenge I was thrilled to accept and determined to enjoy — especially after discovering O’Malley’s Bar in Sao Paolo, my “home away from home.”

The main difficulties of life on the road are the absence of family, home comforts and staying connected to the corporate pulse — particularly in a global company like PGi. Amazingly, video meeting technology, coffee shops and an Irish bar helped me develop a strategy to manage the distance with my personal and professional relationships.

It‚Äôs amazing the difference a face makes. After 14 months on the road, away from my family, friends, product support teams, customer care, partner managers and even my boss, I don’t know what I’d do without iMeet.

I love giving my family live, 360-degree tours of Brazil in iMeet video so they can actually see and understand what I’m doing here in Brazil. And thanks to my favorite Sao Paolo restaurant, O’Malley’s, I can even join the tailgating for the Sunday football game — right from my bar stool in Brazil. The very next day, I use the same iMeet video conference technology to create virtual board rooms, bringing in clients, local partners and even my US support team for video meetings that bridge over 4,000 miles in a single, one-hour online meeting.

A commitment to South America

Here at PGi, we specialize in connecting people regardless of time zones, technology and languages. And as we stretch our fabric of virtual communications across the world, through Canada, Europe, India, Australia, Asia and now Latin America, we strive to have people — real people — in every country to show our commitment, elevate customer care and integrate new cultures into our global company.

Our journey into Latin America is one of the most exciting expansions PGi has made to date. This rapidly emerging market introduces important opportunities for our partners and customers all over the globe. As business partnerships grow between other continents and Brazil, in particularly, it is vital that global communications infrastructure supports every region. And for our global partners and customers, our new office in Brazil is the first step toward our ultimate commitment to serve all our customers throughout Latin America and the world.

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    Great job, Ray! Sounds like a grueling job, but glad to hear iMeet is making it easier. You’ve got a great story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Hope you can find time to fit in some of Sao Paulo’s surf.

  2. The prospect of making the world smaller with the click of a mouse is extremely exciting. Congrats Ray on being a pioneer on many fronts!

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