Do You Free Your Salespeople to Deliver Big?

I was excited when I realized I was scheduled to blog the day before the 4th of July. I’d like to use this opportunity to talk about some changes I see happening in sales organizations around the world, and how they relate to the concepts of independence and freedom.

In yesterday’s sales organization, everyone knew the chain of command. Departments were stuck in silos. Important sales data lived in multiple, disparate systems. The consequence was lack of insight, uninformed decisions and unpredictable results.

Today’s winning sales team looks a lot different. They collaborate with other departments and use robust, integrated data to make educated decisions together to scientifically drive sales results. Though virtual teams are spread out all over, they use new online meeting tools to collaborate and drive innovation.

Everything’s more open—especially for buyers. While salespeople used to guide prospects through every stage of the sales process, today’s buyer drives her own purchase cycle. The tables have turned. People want to be part of a rich, social community that creates incremental value together in a real-time environment.

Having the ability to connect and collaborate has never been more important. That being said, here’s what the 4th of July means to me this year:

  • Freedom to use any device.
  • Freedom to connect face-to-face anywhere, any time.
  • Freedom from time wasters, such as meeting tool downloads.
  • Freedom from late or missed meetings.

This week, freedom also means freedom from creating new content. 😉 On that note, check out a few of my favorite recent blog posts from the last few months. They’re also our most popular.

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Research says 50% of all meetings start late—or not at all. In fact, I recently spoke with a woman who had scheduled a web call to demo a new tool to 300 prospects. Over 150 showed up, but no one could see her presentation because the meeting application malfunctioned. They had to cancel the presentation. In this blog, I’ll help you calculate how much money you might be losing from your meeting technology.

Happy 4th of July!

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