March Madness: The Nemesis of Work Productivity [INFOGRAPHIC]

March Madness is here, and the upsets are already making news. But for businesses and workers all over the U.S., the upset oftens take place in the office in the form of work productivity.

According to a recent PGi infographic, an astounding 86% of people who plan to watch the popular NCAA basketball tournament games will do so during the workday—up 81% from 2012. And this year, thanks to modern video streaming technology, the Big Dance, is wreaking havoc on IT networks and worker productivity. In fact, according to the infographics, 25% of fans spend 1-2 work hours daily following the tournament on their computers, smartphones and tablet devices. That’s 1-2 hours less they’re spending on actual work activities, making work productivity (and business’ network bandwidth) take a plunge during the three-week event.

But, as the infographic says, “never fear!” With cellular data plans on personal devices, team building opportunities, text alerts and even hot new virtual business collaboration tools, like iMeet by PGi, fans can watch the games and keep their jobs.

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