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Top 10 Coolest Coworking Spaces in the US

With flexible working hours, mobile productivity and virtual meetings becoming the new normal for professionals across the globe, start-ups and freelancers are looking to alternatives to traditional office environments to stay connected and get inspired.

Coworking spaces, shared workspaces that members can join for a fee that provide power, Wi-Fi and other office amenities, are an increasingly popular choice for smaller companies, solo-preneurs and freelancers that don’t need or want the overhead of a dedicated office space.

Here are 10 of the coolest coworking spaces in the US:


1. Gangplank – Arizona and Virginia

Offering free workspace and an emphasis on collaboration over competition, Gangplank seeks to redefine creativity and inspiration by creating a devoted community of “creators.”


2. Link – Austin, TX

Link’s two locations in the start-up and innovation hotbed of Austin, TX were built from the ground-up as coworking spaces, featuring comfortable and professional environments, open or dedicated desk spaces and conference rooms for rent.

Green spaces

3. Green Spaces – New York and Colorado

Billing themselves as “hubs for good,” Green Spaces’ coworking and event facilities focus on providing eco-friendly settings for start-ups and entrepreneurs.


4. theOffice™ – California

Aside from the ergonomically designed furniture and Feng Shui, one of the highlights of California’s theOffice is the “It was Written Here…” wall, documenting the books, television shows, movies and more that were created in the collaborative space.


5. CoCo – Minnesota

The trendy Minnesota-based CoCo coworking spaces offer extraordinary backdrops for independent workers and small businesses, such as the Minneapolis location which is located in the sprawling 20,000 square foot former Trading Floor of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange.


6. Hera Hub – California

Hera Hub is a spa-inspired collaborative workspace designed specifically for female entrepreneurs, focused exclusively on helping female professionals network and work in a beautiful, yet functional environment.


7. Workbar – Massachusetts

Boston’s first coworking space, Workbar is an interconnected network of coworking spaces in Boston and Cambridge, offering members 24/7 access to its facilities.


8. Paragraph – New York

Paragraph is a quiet, comfortable space designed specifically by writers for writers in New York City. The space strives to create a haven for writers amidst the hustle and bustle of city living.

atlanta tech village

9. Atlanta Tech Village – Georgia

The Atlanta Tech Village (located right down the street from PGi headquarters) is a hotbed of innovation designed to help fuel Atlanta’s burgeoning tech start-up scene.


10. Icehouse – Louisiana

Originally constructed as an actual icehouse in the ‘20s, this New Orleans-based coworking space features a huge 30-foot ceiling with skylights, pouring natural light on Louisiana’s entrepreneurs and start-ups.

With tools like iMeet® and Central Desktop by PGi, working from anywhere has become much easier. It’s also why coworking spaces are popping up all over the country.

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