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New, Cool and Downright Weird Green Tech

nest thermostat

The seemingly endless technological innovation in today’s society is constantly making our gadgets and software faster, smaller, more powerful and more functional. However, the pursuit of green tech innovations is one of the noblest, as some of our brightest minds tackle issues of renewable energy, recyclable materials, sustainable production and waste reduction. As 2013’s Earth Week draws to a close, ...

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Why Telecommuting is a Green Way to Work

work from anywhere

Among the many, many benefits of working at home, helping the environment is at the top of the list. Here are some of the ways in which telecommuting is eco-friendly. It reduces carbon emissions. Whether it’s by planes, trains or automobiles, traveling in to work has a negative impact on the environment. By cutting the commute, you’ll prevent an excessive ...

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Telecommuting, the ultimate green job?

work from home

Green jobs. You hear all about them lately, but what are they, exactly? This is where the problem lies; there is no concrete definition of a green job and if you ask five different people to define it, you’ll likely get five different answers. Just look at Jonathan Kesselman’s “On the Streets – Green Jobs” episode as evidence. Defining green ...

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5 Small Ways to Green Your Workday

green sprout from conference table

Spring is in the air and everything seems to be getting greener by the day. Unless, of course, you’re covered in the latest snowstorm, but it’ll be green soon enough! And spring is a great time to take a look at your daily work routine and make small changes to be green. Being eco-friendly at work is easy and can ...

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Is Your Work Team the Simpson’s or Dunphy’s? Tips to Improve Collaboration, Team Building and More


If you’re a TV fan like me, you can relate to all the popular family shows: Modern Family, The Simpson’s, The Cosby’s and The Brady Bunch. When it comes to your work family — the people you spend 40+ hours with every week — which famous TV crew does your team resemble? Good or bad, dysfunctional or squeaky clean, the ...

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3 Steps for Creating a Sustainable HR Function: Green Recruitment Trends


It feels good to be green — especially in Human Resources. With the desire to be environmentally conscious and maximize HR effectiveness, green recruitment trends are quickly becoming top-of-mind action items for businesses across the globe. Over the past 10 years, environmental sustainability trends have cropped up throughout the enterprise, and HR departments are leading the charge. And for good ...

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The rising cost of utilities in America: Infographic

Bills for basic gas and electricity reached record highs in 2011, and the trend isn’t likely to end any time soon. See where rates are rising and why in this infographic from One Block off the Grid.                                               ...

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What’s coworking? And why is it so awesome?


With the economy in a long, slow recovery, with many people still looking for work, some have created their own jobs. Others have found that working for someone else is frustrating, unfulfilling, or just doesn’t fit their personalities (I’m a part of the latter group). For whatever reason, more people than ever before are working for themselves. About a year ...

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Top 10 Weird Bike Pictures in Honor of Bike to Work Week – Share Yours!

Bike to Work Week

Telecommuters may have in-office workers beat on living healthier while on the job, but even when you have to go into the office, all you need is one simple tweak for better work-life balance: leave your car at home and ride a bike. In honor of National Bike to Work Week, here are 10 of our favorite bikes—weird bikes, cool ...

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Tag yourself green with Waldo Tags

Attending a conference can be a frustrating feeling for those who are ecologically-minded. Conferences are undeniably powerful networking opportunities, but walking among the waste of paper and empty water bottles, realizing the cost to the environment in airfare and waste in hotel accommodations is nothing short of sobering. One man, Dan Lack, is out to make a difference in a ...

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