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Digital Nomad Tip #34: How to Host a Meeting From Anywhere


Greetings from Kyoto, Japan! I mean, Nagoya. Actually, now we’re in Shin-Yokohama! It’s hard to tell where we are these days, especially when we’re on the move at 186 mp/h in Japan’s Bullet Train, the Shinkansen. At these speeds it’s hard to image a productive day in the office, but with the right technology I’m able to do almost everything I ...

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Digital Nomad Tip #31: How To Host A Video Conference From a Taxi

When PGi’s Damian Martina realized a flight delay would put him in Brisbane just minutes before his big presentation, he looked to iMeet’s mobility suite to keep business moving at the speed of light. Last month, Australia/New Zealand Sales Director and tech enthusiast Damian Martina scheduled a sales presentation to take place a few hours after he was scheduled to land ...

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Digital Nomad Tip #27 – Go Mobile or Go Home

2011 Was a good year for the mobile phone. Coldwell Banker went so far as to name 2011, the year of mobile,  in their recent whitepaper, The State of Mobile,  Last year, the compact little guys made their way into the hearts (and pockets) of nearly three quarters of the world population leading to a tipping point in mobility and forever ...

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5 things a coffee shop can do to attract loyal mobile workers


In between the home office and the office office, there’s a third place, where mobile workers can go to get some work done: laptop-friendly places, like coffee shops, cafes and restaurants. Some balk at the idea of laptop-warriors taking up space and bandwidth, but there are benefits of appealing to mobile workers and things that laptop-friendly places can do to ...

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